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So Long Joey Clams Event Photos 10.29.2023

Brad with Yahara Banner
Joey with his Yahara House T-Shirt
Heading 5
Heading 6
Joey with his daughter
Crystal Corner Sign Promoting Joey Clams Retirement Benefit
Whiteboard of band Line-up
Leeza, Shannon and Adolf
Pupy Costello and the New Hiram Kings
Whiskey Lash Allstars
Sean Michael Dargan looking dapper
Whiskey Lash Allstars
Whiskey Lash Allstars
Elizabeth, Leeza and friend 

So Long Joey Clams Event Videos 10.29.2023

Rick Petzke tells his recovery story and how Yahara House aided in his recovery
Joey intros Pupy Costello and The New Hiram Kings
Joey's wife Tristan dances with their daughter 
Bar patrons and Pupy Costello playing
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